Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2010

Spotted: Un equipo de altos vuelos

So... yesterday we had a farewell party from a collegue at work. Since she's going to London for her new life adventure, she decided to do a Brit themed party.

Which was a bit scary at the begining... ... but ended up being a gorgeous idea.

I pared up with some other girls from work, and we decided to arrive matching and together to the party as Easyjet Flight attendants...

... which was the greatest idea. EVER. (and so easy!)

We even got ourselves a pilot!

Today I'm wearing... Black Rykiel

... was a little risky.
I bought this skirt when it was still warm in Madrid, and haven't got much chance to wear it. First time was my birthday, a couple of days out... but I hadn't thought about wearing it to work, until today.

It's quite colourful, bright, and.... SHORT, so I paired it up with my new Sonia Rykiel pullover, some deep black tights and boots.

Oh! and that little cute thing down there is Indi... he's becoming quite a fashion expert himself reading Harper's, French Vogue & Glamour...

Pull: Sonia Rykiel for H&M Skirt: Blanco (a/w 2009-2010) Boots: Blanco: Winter 2010

What do you think?

No socks – a new fashion trend… seriously?

A friend of mine told me this morning I had deceived her as a fashion adviser for not telling her about a fashion trend that, apparently, it’s been going hot in sunny and warm England, where she’s currently at for a course. Apparently, everyone there told her it was totally in to not wear socks (however invisible), in dress shoes…

My answer was plain and simple: I don’t recommend trends that I don’t consider practical.

“But you’re our favourite fashion freak!” – many of you will say, without argument from me but… Lets be honest here: Shoes & no socks in winter? Seriously? I know it’s hot, I know it’s trendy, but… is it practical? Hell, no No socks in the Madrid winter = frostbite leading to double-foot amputation.

To be completely honest, it shouldn’t have surprised me… at all. Last Saturday, in a freezing as hell night in Madrid, one of the girls I was going out with decided not to wear socks with her leggings and dress shoes because it wasn’t fashionable. The rest of us were wearin…

5 senses Monday V

SeeingA couple of young girls talking in sign language. It’s quite impressive to see them talking so fluently with their hands, and so animatedly…

Valentine’s day” with Leo. Not bad, not very good either. And what’s with the two hunks being gay??? Any kind of cosmic conspiration against feminine nature? P-L-E-A-S-E!!

Cibeles Fashion Week from inside for the first time. Thanks Marta for coming with me!

A couple of soft sweets from my Happy Pills bottle every day. Just the amount of sugar you need!

Te rum+orange juice+granadine cocktail in Madrid fashion Week. Mmmm… tasty!

Absolutely freezing but victorious after exiting H&M Sonia Rykiel opening event. Everything I wanted in record time!

Mum’s lamb while cooking.
Always tasty, always delicious. So… homely.

HearingThe girl from the MBA’s admissions office say she new perfectly well who I was. And that she was glad I applied.
Myself singing with singstar. No wonder it’s been raining for weeks… But I rock Mecano!…

Fashion Friday

Lovely way to start a weekend... with a very fashionable perspective!!

First thing after work and eating, was to go and hand out my application form for my MBA. I'm glad to say, and I was much more than happy to say that the girl picking up the application forms remembered me. Wich is awesome... she said they'll call me on monday to schedule and appointment for the interview on tuesday.

Let me see how you all have your fingers crossed for me now... good job.

Night was all cold and fashion, since I went for the pre-opening of Sonia Rykiel for H&M, since I had managed to get some invitations... Got there around 9, and hour prior to the opening, because last time I attended one of these preivate shopping nights I had been way back on the queue and by the time I got to the shop, it was packed and full of crazy maniac fashionistas who where trying to grab more than to buy. It was an awesome desition, I was one of the first 20. I even got to "invite" an italian boy from T…

Today I'm wearing... Spring on a cold day

Been kind of a hectic day today. Lots of brownies... all of them resolved for now.

I've also been finishing my MBA application... so now there's only one thing to do: Get it to the admision office. And then, wait and pray for them to call me. Cross your fingers for me!
Skirt: Mango spring/summer 2010 Tights: Marks & Spencer T-Shirt Shoes: Hakei


I heart Sonia

Just heard that I have invitations for Cibeles Fashion Week. Hurray!!!!!!! I've been begging people for weeks, so it's kind of a big deal for me...

And 5 minutes later, I get to learn that I've received an invitation for the exclusive presentation-shopping night of Sonia Rykiel for H&M in Madrid.

I'm kind of jumping up and down now, singing my heart out. If only this flu didn't have be a bit down right now, I'd be definitely doing it other way rather than in my head. hahahaaha

I'm so exited, and happy!!!

5 senses Monday IV

So, here we go again:

Hearing Glee soundtrack. Over, and over again. Some of the songs (aka Jump) just keep me moving and happy... I wish the feeling lasted for more than 4 minutes, though. I really need to get over this new timetable, ASAP.
There's also some others that I just can't keep from my head, like their version of Defying Gravity. If you're not watching Glee... well, your loss.

Seeing The ceiling change colours in the morning, in an imperfect rainbow. From the black floor, to the yellow-green turns blue-pink, not forgetting about the orange clouds, which turn lilac just before we get the blue again.

Feeling Absolutely exhausted, but happy, after the costume party on saturday. I made one hell of an Audrey! and everybody keeps telling me so... absolute happiness.

Tasting A wonderful Mojito on the third of the places that make the Mojito Triangle. I miss you at Andrea... good thing we have our mojitos.

A wonderful butifarra in Barcelona... it had been so long since I've l…


Audrey & Marilin celebrating the latter's birthday party at Daily 76... talk about glamour!

Captain Sparrow +1 Lady Pirate, or is She Captain Sparrow? don't know if its the Rum or what but these two have been sharing more than titles...

Elvis, trying to scape a bunch of spontaneous girl-fans that can't keep their cameras off of him. I see Marilin keeping an eye on him... jelous, much?

The blues brothers? or is it brother? I really don't know. He really looks dandy on his outfit, anyway...
Audrey again, causing an impact in both strangers and friends equally. If only one of those handsome guys hadn't just left her... I bet she would have loved to keep talking to them both.
XoXo Gossip Girl

My excuses... and a dosage of Happy Pills

Been kind of a hectic week, this one. That's the main reason for my abscence...

Changes at work keep coming, and I must confess, Tuesday wasn't a very great day after some piece of news. But after a shower, and some thinking, I've come to realize I was wrong, and I might have been a wee bit (just a little) exaggerated. Anyways, it's wise to recognize it, so here it is. There might be some really interesting things ahead. Keep them coming!

Thursday was whole day at BCM, to visit a client. Busy day, that was. Up at 5AM, back at 6PM, bit of rest and directly on my way to Andrea's party and the last apex of the Mojito Triangle. Just AWESOME, as always. Need to come back to all three soon. Better part of the trip, besides some really interesting conversations, was visiting "Happy PillS" in CC L'Illa... that is a very interesting sweet shop concept! I have to admit, I had been willing to go ever since I found out about it on some trends magazine, but it reall…

The september issue vs. devil wears prada

Increíble 2x1
(Loved both, btw)
If you're a fashion freak, they're both a MUST SEE.

Source: http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2010/02/08/september-issue-v-devil-wears-prada.htm

5 senses Monday III

5, 6, 7, 8… NINE. What a terrible movie. I think the credits are the most interesting part of the movie (that, and Kate Hudson’s dance… and that is because I loved the theme of the song). I wonder why we didn’t ask for a refund at the end. What do you say Marta??

Lightheaded after 3 beers in a nice get together with a couple of friends on Thursday, which ended up in an unexpected, yet wonderful weekend.

All Bran Choco. It's the only cereal I've really been addicted to. Starbucks Mocca, just befote a meeting about the Fashion Master I pretend to do. Is there anything better than a sunny day of coffee & fashion? I doubt it.

Smelling Chocolate chips cookie from Starbucks Victor & Rolf 's Eau Mega, my new second choice of perfume (first will always be L'eau d'Issey, from Issey Miyake)

My name called out as one of the winners of the creativity contest at work for simplicity. I get two nights in a hotel for free, whenever I like, wherever I …

About dreams & passion

He estado en la presentación del Máster en Gestión de Emrpesas de Moda que quiero hacer esta mañana. Después de 2 horas allí, sólo hay una idea que se repite en mi cabeza: Lo quiero, lo deseo, lo NECESITO hacer.

Covadonga O'Shea es fantástica. Qué maravilloso es encontrar a alguien que, después de 30 años, sigue sintiendo tanta pasión por lo que hace y la gente que la acompaña. El nacimiento de este máster, en su momento, fue paralelo a la búsqueda que yo misma he hecho para encontrar un curso que se adecuara a mis necesidades: menos diseño, más gestión, y más moda... así que encierto modo, me siento identificada con la historia.

De la Jornada de puertas abiertas saco 2 cosas: que debo perseguir mis sueños y perseverar, y que tengo que darme prisa...

Sólo hay 60 plazas, y una tiene que ser mía

About censorship and fashion

(and your right to wear what you want at work, if it’s appropiate).
Yesterday I decided to take Chuck bass with be to work… I decided to pair it up with a pair of grey tweed pants, dark tights and high boots, and a black blazer… looked perfectly dandy and cool to me. Especially since we get to work in business casual attire.

And to other colleagues too. Chuck’s T-shirt has that effect of people (from an enormous chat underneath the picture, to ohs! And ahs! And side glances on the street). Many said it was an awesome outfit, some said I looked very fashionable… all in all, everybody liked it.

Well, sorry. Not everybody… Some girl from work (in charge of internal stuff like the change of building, maintaining of the offices, calendar protocol and dress code, among other things), after spotting the message on the T (“He’s mine, bitch!”), asked me if I found it appropriate, or if my boss did, for instance. She didn’t say it harshly, but with that disapproving tone… I have to say, I hated it…

5 senses Monday II

Kind of forgot to write my 5 senses monday thing, with all the rollin' going on.

I'll guess it will be a 5 senses tuesday then.

The alarm clock at 6:35AM. Will I ever get used to getting up so early? I don't think so.

For every other minute of the day when I find myself walking: Glee's soundtrack is proving to be the answer. Thanks Marta for the tip!

My diet shakes again. I mean... I so need to get down a couple more kilos, and I'll be a new girl. Thank God I'm able to do 2 normal meals (out of 5) again... or I could literally cry. But it's totally worth it... I mEAN IT.

My niece's baby odour. Isn't there any possibility to bottle it up? she's so lovely with those cute eyes of her. And the way she smiles... just melts my heart.

The sun going down behind Torre Europa. So envigorating... since everyday that is the sign of my liberation from work. It's proving to be hard stuff these days... so many things to be watchfu…


How amazing was Gaga's yesterday show at the Grammy's??? AWESOME. And the mashup with Elton John... WOW


It’s been a crazy day, today. With lots of ups and downs… rollercoaster look alike.

First, there was this collegue from work, from who I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what her name is: she got in the bus, spotted me, and just SAT DOWN. Like that. A simple “Hi!” and that horrible look in her eyes that said: clean up the space and let me sit down… I hate that. There I was, totally absent in my reading world, concentrated on the pages, when she just tries to sit down. Am I an antisocial for wanting a little privacy in the mornings? For desiring just a little introduction before I have to close the book, pick up my lunch bag, coat and handbag all in a second to put it all on top of me, in that teeny tiny sit on the bus?

I say NO.

But that’s only my opinion.

Then. THE BROWNIE: Been hidden in a room with a couple more colleagues copying and pasting data all morning (meaning 8:30AM - 3:00PM).

I have to admit, it was a bit of my fault. But I kind of seek for anything different to do these days,…