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Today I'm wearing... Concert look

Sequined jacket: Zara T-Shirt: Fashionissima Pants: Blanco Boots: Hakei Star Earrings: Tous

Mystery girl Agnes causes a scandal!

A mysterious brunette girl has recently been causing quite a stir around NYC. Hope you're hungry, kids. Because I'm going to serve you the dish about what our Europe girl has been up to. She's only been in town for a short time yet she's already making headlines all around the city.
xoxo Gossip Girl .

Received this app on Facebook and decided I HAD to try it... it came out to be a really funny video!! just like the real Gossip Girl... Since I don't know how to show it to you (I can only recommend you to watch it here), I've decided to trancrypt what it says...

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan Elite.
I’ve been receiving word of a new girl on the scene who has already made quite a splash. The mystery brunette was spotted causing trouble at Chuck Bass’s gimlet club last night.
OMFG. And they say people from Europe don’t know how to have fun!
Nice work lady, (..) devil isn’t going to call you from now on… Looks like y…

Today I'm wearing... Frenchie grey

Felt a bit tocky-goes fashion today, so I decided to wear this:

T-Shirt: Comptoir des Cotonniers Vinyl leggins: H&M Indian boots: Benny Room Necklace: Charro

Loving her

Loving her accent, her looks.

She's kind of an inspiration.

Se nota...

Se nota el final de mes en el abarrotado metro (odio a las señoras que insisten en ocupar la puerta para no dejar pasar a más gente, y que luego te clavan el codo por atreverte a pasar).
Se nota que ha nevado esta noche, más allá del precioso manto blanco, en las atestadas carreteras. Son 10 minutos extra de recorrido en bus.
Se nota cómo el invierno se marcha poco a poco porque, a pesar del tremendo frío (¿quién hablaba de cambio climático?), los días son más largos. Ya casi es de día cuando llego al trabajo, y lo sigue siendo al cerrar la puerta de casa tras de mí a eso de las 7.
Se nota que la oficina está lejos en los madrugones de la gente, que corre para llegar y así poder marcharse pronto. Evitar el atasco. A las 6 apenas ya queda nadie, algo impensable en las antiguas oficinas.

5 senses Monday

Hello and happy Monday (if that’s even possible)

To encourage myself to start every Monday with a new post, I’ve decided to start a new, I hope it to be, tradition, inspired by an art blog I came by the other day and from where I’ve been taking pictures to use as my screensaver.

This new tradition is called “5 senses Monday” and basically, I will write it weekly as way to sit down and reflect on what the past days have been like for me. Feel free to make the same on the comments.
So, here we go:
Hearing: The noise of powder snow underneath your skiis. That lovely fru fru noise that goes down with you along the ski slope. God, I have really missed it!

Tasting: My mum's recepie of kidneys with onion and rice... yummy
Fresh brewed coffee first thing in the morning
The packages of my latest internet shopping, arrived from different parts of the word: the headband, the T-shirt (yatt), the books from Amazon… they really lifted my spirits after a couple of horrible days at work.


Today I'm wearing... He's all mine, bitch!!!

Got back from a very long and dreadful day of work today, then brief stay at a B-day party, to find an awesome treat @home...
I can't help but show my excitement, since I had been looking dor the brand for ages, with no luck. It wasn't until one of my new follow ups on Twitter (I'm getting really addicted), Jose Airam, received his and posted it, that I got to know it and buy it (of course).

Don't you just love it???

T-shirt: Yatt Headband: Tommy Sequined jacket: Zara Sunglasses: Rayban ¡¡Feliz Santo para mí!!

Disconnection. ASAP.

Week keeps being extremely busy. Both physically and mentally. Today was the day our trainee was supposed to arrive, and I’m supposed to be in charge of his induction time, with no direction whatsoever from my boss, who’s away. I feel like totally out of my league, lost, since I want to do it right but don’t know where to start.

There’s also the fact that I’m thinking about asking for a transport wage or something, since I need more than an hour to get to work and, once there: a five minute walk to the bathroom (which, summing all the comings and goings, is a whole lot of time), 3 to get to the kitchen, other 3 every time I need to throw something away (there are no bins next to each place, but a recycling area near the kitchen), couple more every time I go to the locker (and 2 more back)… and so and so.

I feel like I spend my working day walking from one place to another. Tiring.

I feel like disconnecting for, don’t know… a couple of days or something. But can’t.

Thank God when I came ho…


Morning seems to start by fits and starts: Breakdown and delay at the underground, in Line 9. No B1 tickets at Plazaca's interchange. Huge traffic jam just around the 4 towers...
I raise my glance, sweaty because of anxiousness and the logic rush of every first, but I can see nothing but fogg and the normal obsucrity of the hour. Clock strickes 08:13am, and I just wish for the day not to be as long as it promises.
To top it all, my Ipod has not syncronized correctly. I plug my headphones in, trying to disconnect myself from such a dreadful morning, to find that my latest adquisitions (late yesterday night Glee OST songs), are nowhere to be seen. An impulsive scan shows that my favourite list, with more than 50 titles yesterday, holds no more than 20 today. Another quick look and I find that my lovely Itouch has not syncronized any author beyond letter D.
D is for desperate.
Seems like error #13019, haunting me for days, is graver than I thought.
Once I get to the new offices (40 minute…


@ TGIFriday's a bunch of lovely ladies in punk-rock styles (+boy) attempting to get drunk with some very lame mojitos.
How sad can lame mojitos be?
This waiter needs a cocktail book, and fast!!!

Some time later, the very same bunch, taking a taxi to the bar 500mts away... in their defense I'll say they thought it in a land far, far away.

10 minutes @Blue Bar (since when is 2:30am the new retrieving hour?), led to a couple more hours @ Emme de Madrid, where our bunch was having a very very good time.
De Madrid al cielo!!

Decisions, Impulses, Questions, wishes...

Lot of changes have been going on lately at work. People leaving, positions changed… we’re in the verge of moving to new offices too. Everything looks estrange, and hectic, and terribly calm at the same time, the very same kind of calm that comes before a storm. This has me full of uncertainty. Which leads to nerves, and... impulsive behavior? Which is bad… these days.
I’ve got decisions to make. Well, not really. Actions to take are more likely the truth. The decision is already done. Another step into that dream-to-be-career of mine, I’ll tell you about it when it’s more like a certainty, and not only a mere wish.
There are questions unresolved: What is there to happen in my future? What am I to expect? What should I do? How should I approach it? It’s neither easy nor comfortable, and that is precisely why I’ve been delaying it for a month now. Thankfully, when the girls new about it (it’s been a secret for months now, discretion is a must) decided to give me a hand with it, and app…

I'm SO delighted by this....

I'm just going to quote here, because I'm so happy...
The return of Georgie
+ More sexy Chuck & Blair stuff?
Oh, yes...

From Gossip Girl Insider: Josh Schwartz Tweets Gossip Girl Spoilers
"Gossip Girl creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz has been Twittering up a storm about the show lately, and while he hasn't dropped any bombs, he has just revealed a couple of things you're sure to like about the show's return. More UES. Less NYU. Sounds familiar from our message boards ... Some other Tweets you might find interesting from the man who brings you our favorite program (as well as Chuck and before that, The OC):
•A lot of questions about the break. CW wanted to air Gossip Girl all in a row, no repeats. It will be back March 8th, for 10 in a row.
•Stephanie Savage is the best. Expect an epic Season 3 finale from her!!
•You will see the return of Georgina Sparks before the end of Season 3.
•Re: the C/B "sexy" question: More than ever. But do they go…


I SO need a Burberry trenchcoat.

I should probably run to the sales while they last.
It's so delightfuly Brit...


This are a few little somethings that hve recently come to live with me... some of them presents, some from the sales (they have been a real triumph this year), they're now part of my collection:

Steel balls necklace: Charro Striped headb: and: Bambako Red headband: Tommy Hilfiguer Bracelet: Tommy Hilfiguer Ring: Vintage

Blair Waldor moment


Our lovely A. happily taking care of the package left on the porter's lodge... can it really be?
Apparently, yes: After weeks of waiting, her Bambako headband has finally arrived, and she couldn't look happier.
Someone's having her very own Blair Waldorf moment... Looks cute, doesn't it?

H&M's kind of brilliant strategy

I'm starting to think H&M's the only big clothing retailer who has a clue of what to do during recession... and that is saying big, considering I have always been a Zara business-lover. But the truth is they're doing great, throwing big and creative ideas on the plate in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors: Zara, Top Shop, Mango... trying to offer new things to clients, offering not only affordable fashion, but the benefit of originality. In times like this, it's what people is really looking for: something different, something new. Am I the only one to think Zara has fallen back a bit in this particular track? I mean, they're aren't doing anything extra original these days and, what's worse, they're getting more expensive by the minute...

Totally opposite to H&M, as I was saying. First were the celebrity inspired collections (with Madonna, no less), and then, special collections by impressive and uber-expensive and good design…

Dream come true


I got it!

After years of yearning, of infructuous shopping trips to my 2 favourite shops, of trying after trying... I got it: My very own Paul & Joe Dress.

I got it on my 2nd favourite shop, on it's private sales for VIP clients. Mum found it in a rack, thought it was cute, and showed it to me. Best thing was, she didn't know the brand, and I didn't notice either, but the minute I pulled the zipper down. I couldn't help but smile like the Chesire Cat only only of the posibillity of it fitting me.

And now it's mine.

My very own Paul & Joe Dress.
Size 38 (when I'm a 42)
And on sales, no less.
This must be a sign: It'ps going to be a Hell of year.