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You don't have to be a "Valley Girl" to have fun...

Hello there, my gossipers

You thought with the end of the season Gossip Girl was over? Think again, my darlings. Nothing furthest from reality.

Spotted on a centric apartment in Madrid, A & A having the fun of their lives between the glam of the flashes. Some people just need to be Runway projects for a while. So, smile!

But wait a sec… Are those shutter glasses? And… shoulder pads?? Seems like these two have made a run for the 80’s. God bless them.

Couple of hours later, spotted at the Medicine party @ Chester, our Double A with a couple more crashers. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, and these two, sure are. Careful with those shutters girls, they're somthing to pay for!

Was that all? I doubt it. Go on, give me the deets… I’m so dying to know all about that 'Old school' party.

You know you love me, XoXo
Gossip Girl

Elio Berhanyer

Elio es un señor alto, delgadísimo. Enfundado en un traje azul marino con corbata de bandera española, camina despacio ayudado por su asistente hacia la tarima. Me pregunto qué siente al llevar sobre los hombros 50 años de trabajo impecable. Aquí, allí. De colores, de formas. De proyectos, de innovaciones.

Tiene cara de abuelo afable, y una sonrisa cálida. La mirada curiosa. Viéndolo así, de cerca, puedo imaginármelo perfectamente llorando ante su exposición homenaje en el Museo del Traje en Madrid, como he leído.

Elio Berhanyer es, sobre todo, Español. Cordobés de nacimiento y madrileño de adopción, tiene una carrera larga (comenzó con 17 años) y llena de éxitos en el mundo de la moda. ¿Su principal misión? ha intentado por activa y por pasiva meter este apasionante mundo en la universidad (sobre todo en USA y UK), aunque sin mucho éxito. Más allá de ello, cuenta con experimentos en todas las áreas creativas, muestra de su genio: Mezclando arquitectura y moda en vestidos construidos (l…

So totally 80's

So, talk about perfect timing...

Next weekend I have a costume party. Thematic costume party, that is. We have to dress like something “old school”, which means that we can basically dress however we want: 50’s, hippie, disco, gangster… whatever.

Anyway, about a couple of weeks ago, and given that the awful 80’s dress-code is back (infamous shoulder pads included), I bought an awesome black disestructured smoking jacket made of sequins. Totally awesome in and 80's-are-back-but-modernized kind of way. As I said, it is black, and kind of short, with slim sleeves and some shoulder pads (big enough to be 80’s, and small enough for me to like). I’m telling you… NICE.

Good thing is, I discovered it resembles (it’s one of Amancio’s better copies) a Balmain one. Balmain!! My luck.

Better thing is, it appeared in Gossip Girl (as shown on the picture below) worn by the always chic (but not necessarily my favourite) Serena Van derWoodsen.

So yeah… I’ve got it… I’m a coolhunter!!!

Better yet, becau…

Lowcost flying on the movies

So… yesterday I lived one of those weird experiences that make you seriously question why on earth we should pay 8 euros to go to the cinema…

My best friend and I went to a small but modernized cinema yesterday to watch Keinohrhasen, which comes to be “A bunny with no ears”, a german romantic comedy. Everything was going fine until we sat down on our seats, when we realised that going o the cinema is not what it used to be.

First, there was the space between the rows… far too small for my taste (and I’m considerably short) Flying with Easyjet means more space between your legs and the seat before you!!! The guy besides us didn’t know where to put his jacket in such a little space. Thank the Lord we where on the leaning seats, cause otherwise I don’t know how we would have lasted. I can’t begin to imagine the constriction the first and not leaned 10 rows felt during the film… But that was not the only thing… Then there were the armrests too… teeny, tiny. No way could two arms rest on th…

Terminal 4

This morning, on my way to Barcelona for a Business Trip, I found myself observing a very curious sign on T4 Madrid-Barajas. A sign that located 3 very different subjects in the same direction:
- The toilets
- The conference rooms
- The chapel/Oratory

And I couldn’t help myself to realise that maybe, just maybe, priorities for people are not as clear as they use to be, and we are kind of mixing everything up these days… hence the sign.

Is that so?

Anyway, it kind of surprised me to find all these 3 things thrown together in the same space... they're not the kind of topics I'll mix up... on a sign. Right?

The meeting went well... it'll probably result in a good thing or two for my objectives for this year... but lets be conservative here, ok?

I feel it, and you?