Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2009

X-mas wishlist

Ah… X-mas is finally approaching, and I can’t help but wait for it in anticipation, for this year there’s much to celebrate…

In the meantime, I don’t want to let the opportunity pass to express my lovely readers what I wish I had for X-mas presents this year (somethings are kind of more easy to get that others...):

An Iphone or, if impossible, a LG New Chocolate, or a Samsung Corby Pro

A slim GHD hair iron, for my fringe!

Loewe's Ame handbag or, if impossible, a HERITAGE SATCHEL. Love both!

Second season DVDs of Gossip Girl. Even US europeans now what Chuck Bass means...

This punky Loubutins

A featherly hat, from Bimba y Lola. Very classy.

Awesome gold&black D&G brocade dress.

Today I'm wearing... Grey knit vest

Long meetings is what they have, you end up day-dreaming and wishing yourself out and about... specially since the most inmediate perspective ment another looooong meeting on the afternoon (which at the end was beyond interesting, btw)

So... here's what I sketched. Copyright all mine as always...

Grey tricot vest: Don't remember
Black vynil leggins: H&M
White shirt
Brighton ankle boots from La Dolce Vita


Been talking about our fears today at work in our trimestral meeting, and how to fight against them, so as to use them precisely to keep going. Apparently nobody but you can put limits to your life.

Between exercises and retrospections, a couple of videos, one of them Steve Jobb's speech at a Graduation (I don't know which, frankly). I keep to myself 2 sentences, willing to put them on my To do list:
1. Stay hungry, stay foolish.
2. Keep looking, don't settle.

This last one, is the most important one for me, since one of my most terrible fears is precisely to settle. I hope I'm already going the right way towards my future... after all, the journey is what realy matters... or so they say.

Curious thing to do on a work environment... to say the least, but kind of interesting too.

Anyway, since I loved it not only today, but the first time I saw it on youtube, I'l lleave here the transcription of the speech, hoping you'll enjoy it too, and hoping, too, you'll find …

Mine, mine, mine...

Set exclusivo que contiene cinco brochas para difuminar y dibujar líneas precisas: 168, 187, 209, 219 y 252 de edición especial en una cartera rectangular metalizada adornada con un lazo y una borla. Limited edition.

5 brochas al precio de una...

Loving it.

Today I'm wearing... Vintage blouse

Vest: H&M Shirt: Mommy's absolutely vintage
Jeans: Levis
Boots: Hazel
Copyright: Inés Cruz .

Jamie Cullum's THE PURSUIT

Having had the chance to get my hands on a copy of the CD before it’s release next week, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to write a review, so all of you can have it before the final release.

Jamie Cullum’s The Pursuit is an awesome CD, I’d risk the chance and say it’s the best his done yet. Very personal, very intimate, I’ve learned in his podcast that he took the time to produce it, ignoring the constant nagging of his record label just after the release of the CD before this one. He took a year off, he played with friends and other musicians, learned what he wanted to do, and leave for the US to do it. The result is a compilation of songs so absolutely Jamie, so tremendously not, that anyone could enjoy. I variety of styles and rhythms that looks like a musical rollercoaster.

“Just one of those things” is a typical Jamie Cullum song: slow at the beginning but rapidly turning a jazzy-rhythmical song that could have come straight from the Sinatra’s era. Piano, drums and trumpets …

My new friends...

Lilly Bootie, from Pour La Victoire
And a pair of Brighton ankle boots from La Dolce Vita
The end of the month... excuse me, the last 3 days of the month, when your credit is suddenly infinite thanks to the arrival of salary is way TOO dangerous. I swear to God it is...

But aren't they lovely?