martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

5 Senses Tuesday XL

Since yesterday was a big day in terms of publication (it’s not everyday that I post something with homemade videos) I decided to move 5 senses Monday to Tuesday… so as for you to have something to read everyday. I’m all for my fans…


A halo around every single light I see. First I thought I had my eyes dry (which was a high possibility since since I operated my eyes, I tend to suffer from it every know and then, specially when I spend lots of time in front of the computer screen), then I thought it was conjunctivitis... all for ending up learning I have a cornea inflamation because of a/c and the computer hours. I'll end up one-eyed because of my compromise with work. WTF?


Laughs and comments of my dear colleagues while I was recorded by the tve crew on wednesday at work. The corporate messsenger was blinking like mad while I tried with might not to laugh my head up.

A wonderful Micael Bublé concert, which I talked you about yesterday. No need to be a pest.


A wonderful foie and sugar coated onion hamburger with my brother at La Vaca Picada, a place I discovered thanks to some boys at work. My brother enjoyed it too, which was exactly the purpose of the meal, so 2x1. It had been very long since I last enjoyed a meal alone with my dear bro.


The big 'ol pile of cases to do for my MBA this week. It was the frist time since we started I couldn't finish all of them, and that made me quite deppressed.


The woderful plate of spaghetti with mussels Dad cooked for us on Saturday. Yummy Yummy!

My latest M.A.C. nail polish "Jade Dragon", freshly applied. I have to confess, even though when I learned it existed I had this URGE to buy it, when I finally got to the store I was a bit scared by how it looked on the bottle: too shiny! But after trying it... well, I loved it! I think I'm making my own collection of dark coloured shiny nail polishes: Jade Dragon (Green), Chanel's Vendetta, Dark Blue...

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la reina cotilla dijo...

he visto tu comentario en miss at playa y yo acampo contigo para lo de H&M, lo malo es que curro ese dia, no se que inventarme para faltar al curro aunque mi jefe no es tonto, jo la pasta que tengo que ahorrar y no se de donde para todo lo que quiero dios mio no se que hacer, si vas avisame, a que hora piensas que es buena? de madrugada???

Inés Cruz dijo...

Yo también curro así que... no sé qué voy a hacer!!!

Fashion Drip dijo...

Otra que se une al dilema!!
La verdad que es una de la mejores colaboraciones que ha tenido H&M.


Inés Cruz dijo...

Totalmente... habéis visto el anuncio completo? ahora ya no, pero mañana en cuanto pueda lo cuelgo con un resumen de la ropa... me encantan tantas cosas!!!

Gracias a las 2 por comentar, estáis invitadas a echarle un vistazo al resto del blog :)