miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

Today I'm wearing... A touch of Yves

I long ago took this pictures, but ended up forgetting all about them... so since we're going to be having quite a slow week due to my increasing amount of business cases for my MBA and the Accounting exam on saturday, I'd better put something here so as not to lose all my faithful readers...

So here we are... classic white crisp shirt, plus black blazer and jeans, and absolute classic. I like to call it the Yves refrence because of the bowtie. It's my dads'... you could even say it's vintage, like the brooch I used to put it in place.

I know... the sneakers are so very Emilio Aragón in "El Juego de la Oca" but I just couldn't help it, I needed something to spice up the look.

Sneakers: Converse
Jeans: Cimarron
Shirt: Zara
Balzer: Zara (from long ago)
Earrings: Tous

2 comentarios :

Martina dijo...

Ines, sabes que me encanta ese look! Me encanra como la pajarita y el broche pueden cambiar totalmente un look sencillo en algo sofisticado, Muy guapa!


Inés Cruz dijo...

Ay gracias! ya sabes que normalmente me lo ongo con el camisón... pero ese día tenía Máster y muchas ganas de vaqueros... todavía hacía hasta calor!

Mañana nos vemos!!!