sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

F*uck me, I'm famous!!!

Well well, well... Aren't I glamourous and fashionable today! without even knowing it I've gone from zero to famous in the blink of an eye...

First, a picture of me was featured on a spread in Yo Dona, a magazine that comes with the El Mundo newspaper every saturday. It's not that the issue was precisely on fashion (but on how cool is to work for companies that pay you in more than cash), but hey! I look the cutest on my little Mango dress and clogs. Right?

Image courtesy of Yo Dona

And then this afternoon, by sheer luck and serendipity, I end up in one of the pictures for the Serrano Madrid official pictures of the street re-launching event that took place today. Isn't it awesome? I have to admit you can't really see me all that well, but, then again... it's cool.

See the red block on the left of the pink elephant?
a teeny tiny person on a striped jacket and a red handbag? well, that's me
Images courtesy of Serrano Madrid.

I have to admit it was a great event they had organised for the re-launching... and it's been going on from 10am. The pink carpet, the children activities, the music, the cars... 


Everything looked well put together and nice except for one little detail: how come the traffic lights and bins were still wrapped as if they had just arrived and someone didn't have time to unpack them? that was a little disturbing...


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