lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Today I'm wearing Safari-Romantic

I had to wear it... ever since I bought it (like 2 months ago), this dress has been living in my closet willing to go out some day. Problem was, the weather was kind of not helping. But after a wonderful and sunny and HOT weekend, I finally had the chance to take it out for a ride... and boy, didn't I love it!

I don't know if it was the hair (as you finally get to see, I've changed my look), or the outfit or what, but everybody mentioned I looked very pretty today.

OK, fine. It was the hair (a bit of a discussion was raised on whether I looked like Cleopatra or Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction)... I don't know why people had to make such a fuss about it, not that I care, btw, since I loved the attention... but anyways... people where just SO impressed. Which made me wonder... Do I really look SO different?

So, what do you think?

In any case, here's the deal... I paired up the dress (which has a cute romantic detail on the hem of its lining, and kind of a military pattern) with a safari jacket and a multy chained necklace, and I think the look was pretty cool.

Dress: Mango (spring/summer 2010)
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (summer 2008)
Jacket+Belt: Zara Basic (summer 2008)

Earrings: Papaya
Necklace: Massimo Dutti (autumn 2009)

[photos_private] except from Cleopatra and Mia

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Lucùos y Angie dijo...

Me encanta el peinado de Uma en Pulp Fiction, aunque es muy arriesgado, y con tu corte ya queda bien :)

Agnes dijo...

Muchísimas gracias! la verdad es que confieso que estuve un par de horas mirándome por todos los reflejos porque no acababa de verme... ahora me encanta!!!

Visita el blog cuando quieras, yo me paso por el tuyo también!

PersonalShop dijo...

Nice style girl^^

Fashion Cappuccino dijo...

Such a pretty dress!! I love your smile! xoxoxoxo

Agnes dijo...