lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

5 senses Monday VI

Some girls from work and I dressed as Easyjet flight attendants for a London costume party… as you saw in previous days, we looked pretty great.

My wardrobe, clean and organized. Let’s see how long it lasts…

The fashion magazines for March… specially the Elle Pink Fashion Book, which is very complete and awesome. Already put some of the stickers!!!

Completely lost with the changes at work. And I hate it… SO much.

The interviewer from the MBA telling me she was going to pass my application to the board because I had totally convinced her.

The wind blow intensely during Sunday’s cyclone. A tree fell on the park near my place…

Another Sergio Fernandez’s recipe made by my parents at home: turbot with baby eels. Delicious!

The last of my candy from my Happy Pills bottle. A refill is in order!

Rain on Monday,
Rain on Tuesday,
Rain on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday too!
Rain… rain, and rain, and rain…

2 comentarios :

MR dijo...

Aways raining, sí, hija mía... Jajajaj :-)
Un besito.

Marián, de

Agnes dijo...

Así no hay quien se ponga sandalias o zapatos de ante... ¡¡un poquito de por favor!!