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Entrevista para Blog A Porter

Esta semana se pusieron en contacto conmigo desde Blog a Porter para hacerme una entrevista, y hacerme formar parte de una nueva comunidad que han creado, y de la que en breve os hablaré más detenidamente.

Como es una buena forma de conocerme un poquito más, he querido compartirla aquí con vosotros. ¡Espero que os guste!

Chez Agnes à www.chezagnes.blogspot.com

Madrid, Spain

Product manager for the Latin-American countries in a fast fashion Spanish company

How did the idea of becoming a blogger?
I started my blog in 2005 as a diary, mostly. I used to travel a lot and it was a way of keeping my friends & family informed of my trips… then, with my increasing interest for fashion, the blog gravitated towards a more fashion-centered subject.  Since I didn’t work in fashion then, it was a way of expressing my interest in the matter in the open. So I guess it wasn’t a conscious decision perse…

Define your style in three words
Classic, yet with a hint to trends. Colourful.

Favorite Color

Beach or mountains?
Beach, always! The sea is the only think that Madrid lacks… if it had it, it would be the perfect city.

Which is your favorite club?
 I don’t go to clubs very often anymore. I prefer to spend the time in terraces during summer, or in cute and new restaurants/cafes during winter. The company is what really matters!

Favorite drink
Mmmm… I would saw champagne or mojitos, depending on the situation. Although a glass of bubbly is always a good idea!

If you could choose a superpower, what would you choose and why?
OMG! That’s easy: Flying or tele-transportation. The chance to move and travel on my own accord. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Do you let your outfit ready the night before or improvise?
During weekdays, yes. I get up very early and with a tight schedule, so it’s compulsory. During weekends, I absolutely improvise.

The favorite item in your closet is…
There’s this cotton snood I knitted myself that I use all the time… and a romantic blouse I wear all the time.

Are there any trends that you would never wear?
I would say the crop top. Not for everybody. Not for me, anyway.

Your fetish designer
I absolutely love Tom Ford as a whole… but his womenswear is not particularly my style. Valentino is another of my favorites, well, Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pier Paolo Piccioli. Those two are doing great things for the brand. I would love to own pretty much everything the've designed.

Your favorite brand for day to day?
I don’t have a favorite brand… I’d rather mix&match.

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