miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Bye, bye Miss Taylor... you'll be missed

An awesome actress.
An incredible beauty.
A myth and a cinema legend.

All these things describe Elizabeth Taylor.

She's also known to be an incredible mother. A force of nature with tons of courage, love and passion (that for her two times husband, Mr. Burton, is an example). An activist in the fight agains AIDS...

All these things describe Elizabeth Taylor too.

But she's gone now... another of those great divas of Hollywood that made women and men dream as equals.

Some of her movies, such as Cleopatra, are among my favourites (I must confess, sometimes I dream I could have had a part such as hers, looking so dashing), it's pretty amazing that after all she has sufffered, she has finally gone.

Rest in peace, dear Elizabeth.

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