viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Bye Bye 2010. Everyone... See you on the other side

I find these days with some surprise and a touch of irritation that we about to say goodbye to the decade ... And here I am a mess!.

It seems incredible how time flies. What a great cliché, uh? ... but what a great truth. 10 years ago I was a little girl who abandoned the dream of becoming a doctor by the illusion of the options raised ahead in the business world; and today I am working in the fast consuming goods marketing seriously considering a shift towards fashion. It seems that the end of the decade are my thing!

In the past 10 years many things have happened, and I think it's worth doing a little balance, even at the cost of feeding the topic, to entertain everyone a while. So, what do you say?

During the 2000’s, I’ve:

  • Studied 2 degrees, done 4 international courses (in Copenhaguen, New York, China and London) and started an MBA on Managing Fashion Companies.
  • Changed of work (internships included) 4 times, living me that to work for 5 different companies.
  • Travelled around most of Spain, and some other pretty interesting places around the world such as Denmark (what a great and unforgettable summer), Berlin (my god… I still remember the Pub Crawl!), and Oslo, New York (such great friends found there, even if some were discovered much later) or China (which was a more than incredible experience altogether. Unforgettable, awesome… you name it), Milan, Paris (for the second time, in the most wonderful girl-adventure), Rome (at last) or London.
  • Been editor in chief of 2 magazines (one behind the scenes, one until I was pissed and tired of being pushed away)
  • Engaged with harry Potter in the most wonderful of the adventures (and yes, wished he had died in the last book).
  • Been part of the birth of a Club
  • Declared myself to a guy. Even if I found it ridiculous at the time, I must confess I’ve never regretted it.
  • Got more drunk than desirable, but enjoyed it a hell of a lot
  • Lost some friendships, earned a few more. Cherished the ones that have stayed, with a couple of very special mentions: Martina (whom I miss endlessly) Marta (one of the best things of the decade), Álvaro and SadEyes (this was our decade!!!)
  • Fallen in love several times. Couldn’t be… and never was.
  • Been to the concerts of the decade: Star Wars and Lady Gaga
  • Gone to the weddings of most of my cousins (assisted to their introduction to parenthood too), and a couple of friends. And the “silver wedding” of my parents too.
  • Read tons of books: Historical novels (The Tudor era is my fav), Several sagas (Potter, Eclipse, True Blood, Gossip Girl)
  • Watch another ton of TV series… Glee, House, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, E.R. (even if it wasn't of this decade), Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Project Runway...
  • Had surgery on my eyes, and said goodbye to glasses. It wasn’t that I didn’t like wearing glasses… I loved it, but it was very uncomfortable not to be able to go to the beach without them, for example. 
  • Hundreds, thousands of fashion magazine pages read, learned, observed and cut out. Lots of envy. A resolution and an MBA.
  • Bought my first Loewe handbag... and got a second one too (thanks parents!)
  • Picked up ski, again!!! I had forgotten who much I enjoy it!
  • Succumbed to the world of facebook (and meeting Marc Zuckeberg too) and twitter (insert link here)
  • Assisted to pretty interesting conferences, and been invited to participate in one myself too.
  • … and started this blog, which has turned 5 years during 2010, even if I haven’t celebrated it.

I bet I forgot another ton of things. Thanks a lot for sticking around. May the next decade find us together again.

See you on the other side.

[Don't know where I got the image from, sorry!]

5 comentarios :

Karin dijo...

Just read your latest blog-post and I wanted to congratulate you on the obviously 10 wonderful years you had. I hope you are proud of yourself, Ines! May the upcoming decade be even more intense and amazing!!!

I wish you an outstanding 2011! :)

Hugs from Vienna! :)

Martina dijo...

Madre mía que década!!!hay alguno de los puntos sobre los que te pediré explicación mas adelante...jejeje
Inesita,te deseo todo lo mejor para 2011,porque te lo mereces todo y más. Eres una de las personas mas buenas,divertidas,interesantes,leales y maravillosas que conozco. Love you!

Inés Cruz dijo...

Love you too!
Si me dices cosas tan bonitas me emociono. Ha sido un placer tenerte cerca... que nos dure muchas décadas más!

Ains... que no sabes tú lo que te echo de menos... y no sólo por las pasiones compartidas! sino porque eres un encanto, y es fabuloso poder contarte entre mi troupe, GUAPA!!!

Marta dijo...

:') you are amazing. Thanks for everything!

iris loves fashion dijo...

Una década da para mucho... espero que esta década sea igual de buena para tí!
un besazo