sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Today I'm wearing... Master in Tartan

Given that it was a nice sunny day, not yet cold enough for a coat (will it ever be??), I decided to pair my lovely (and favourite) black velvet jacket with anothe of my favourite and most comfortable dresses, the tartan dress to go to my Master's class.

To give it a funny switch, I used by "sock boots" as I like to call them, in blue, so as to spice up the look just a tiny bit.

Boots: Hazel a/w 2009/2010
Velvet Jacket: Zara (don't even remember the date, but about 10 years ago)
Dress: Blanco a/w 2009

The dress' bow on the chest. I find it's a wonderful detail.
Gives to it a charming back to childhood ambiance.

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