lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

5 Senses Monday XXXVI

Seville at night… what a wonderful city. Walking by the river, if not with the best of companies, was a delight in such a lovely evening. I ended up having a really good time, even if my boss was one of my companions… hahahahha :P

Apparently I have a "listening week", since I have so many examples of this particular sense this week. I guess it might have been better to keep some for next week... Anyway, here you go:

A really interesting offer on Friday, minutes before my departure for my MBA. When I’m able to say more, I will. Let’s just say changes are coming ahead. Good ones.

A’s stories from Africa, even if he didn’t speak much… we really didn’t let him. He brought us the loveliest bracelets from Kenya, the sweetie.

Elton John’s performance at Madrid on Saturday… what an awesome concert!!! And he even played some of my favorite songs such as “Sorry seems to be”, “I guess that’s why they call it the blues” or A Lion King Remix just after a jazz number that included a version of “Que Viva España” which just turn the crowd into an excited bunch. But I have to say “Daniel” was the one that really made me cry. So many sad and wonderful memories of a lovely dinner at my house so long ago…

So many interesting classes at my MBA... I really should star talking about them, like I did last week here... I promise I'll write something. Soon.

Glee's Britney Spears versions. I caonfess, since I had a chance to watch the episode, I have Britney's songs on my Ipod (Glee version, of course).

The pillow of mu hotel room in Sevilla. It’s the first time among many I get a decent pillow on a hotel Is not that they’re always bad, it’s just that they don’t always match my preferences, and that just plain sucks.

A wonderful warm shower after an awfully long day with trip, client meeting and market visits. Sometimes a girl needs a long hot shower to feel herself again.


Kellogg’s Winders Doubles, which my boss brought from her trip to an International Meeting in Dublin. I don’t think I would be able to explain it in a way you would understand, so I’ll just copy-paste the definition from the official website: They're an unwindable 'never ending' chew that's dramatically different, tremendously tasty and over 50% fruit, which means an unbeatable combination - all the goodness of fruit, with the great taste of a sweet. They taste goooood.

Just cooked clams… how is it possible that smelling so bad they can taste so good? Believe me… that’s one of the thing I keep wondering every weekend my parents buy them for Sunday dinner. Anybody possessing the answer, please, enlighten me.

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