martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

5 senses Tuesday XXIX Back, back, back

My suitcase filling… can’t relieve my vacations are OVER. It’s probably the first year I really don’t feel like going back.

The cover of Spanish Harper’s Bazaar. So elegant! I’m really looking forward to this autumn/winter season.
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Mmmmm… yes but no. I mean, the books are way better. And Edward? I used to be his total fan, but in the film he manages to look depressed even when Bella accepts his proposal. Come on!!! Cheer up!! And the way he looks so damn annoyed with Jacob just plain sucks. He reminds me of Bill in the True Blood series (the HBO ones, that is) SO annoying.

The phone ringing one, and over again, and yet over again. That’s the problem when you’re running errands for your Mum when she’s half a country way, in the beach, doing nothing.

My pillow. OMG… I really miss her when I’m a way for more than a week. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s true.
All sad because I’m back in Madrid… back because my vacations are over.

Carrot cake… YUMMY.
Chanquetes with fried eggs.
A really disappointing Oreo milk shake from Vips. It looked SO good on the picture! When am I going to learn?

Horrific flavoured crisps at the train. People should really think of the fact that it is a closed vehicle before opening them. The smell is so strong and disgusting…

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