lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

5 Senses Monday XXVII It's smells of summer

Sorry for the delay… vacation has these side effects, you suddenly feel obliged no more to neither the blog, twitter, or even facebook, although at least the last two I’ve managed to not forget as much thanks to the itouch.

Ok… so here it goes… a special 2-week 5 senses Monday. Happy vacations to you all!


All those stars in the sky. You don’t know how much you’re missing because of the city lights until you are lying in the middle of a secluded area, hearing the see, in the middle of the night. Suddenly the sky looks wonderfully different, full of teeny tiny lights that make you feel so very little.

Daniela and Adrian, my wonderful 2 year-old neighbours. Blond and so very cute thanks to the outfits their parents dress them with. And they’re so nice as well! I’ve already become one of their favourite people in the swimming pool (not that I’m surprised, mind you)


Fantastic first plate of Espetos at La Barca de Pedro. So very much from Marbella… I wonder if Michelle Obama enjoyed them during her visit.

Even more fantastic yet Spanish Omelettes from Gaspar. Simply no words!


The sea, the “Night lady” flowers, the humid grass… summer in Marbella.


All those pieces of news about the Obama girls in Marbella... please!!! I know its great for turism and all, but honestly, I really don't care about MMichelle's favourite ice-cream flavour.


The sun on my skin, making it look tanner by the second.
The sand on my mouth after giving Daniela a kiss… on the hair!!! I was just hoping it was the only place in her body sand-free… guess I was wrong.

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