lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

5 senses Monday XXV


My Flavio ballerinas at home at last!
Spain from my window sit at the AVE, on my way to Sevilla. Last trip of the week!

Spain football team, winning Germany and going on to… THE WORLDCUP FINAL!!!! And for the first time in History no less!!!

Spain football team winning the worldcup!!!! I can’t believe it!!! Here’s a story I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren… so wonderful, so… so important! I couldn’t help crying when the referee’s wistle marked the end of the game… we were winners!!!! I promise to post some beautiful pictures by tomorrow, to show you how much this event has meant not only for me, but for the whole country.

Go Spain!
Viva España!
Arriba el pulpo Paul!!


To my boss saying there wasn’t any client visit upon boarding my plane to Barcelona. I could have died on the spot. Honestly, even though I ended up having a very nice day, I could have done without (too many trips in the last 2 weeks)

That some ex-friend of mine is getting married


Indi, stomach up and asking for tickling.
Like a 5 year old having done something extremely embarrassing after my boss told me he had read my farewell e-mail.


A wonderful box of peaches a client gave my dad. They’ve been for an hour in the kitchen, and it already smells like heaven! I just love peaches. Love them So much.


The disgusting menu on the AVE. Honestly, traveling first class should suppose to mean higher class food, but then again, no. Carrot and honey cake for breakfast is just no good (especially when it’s not sweet, or bake like, but more of a mousse something smelling quite bad).


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