jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Today I'm wearing... Brillos de convención

Given that I've managed to escape from the latest Summer Convention and the dinner to come at Pedro Larrumbe and change, I'm hanging up some pictures of the outfit I've decided to wear.

It's taken me some struggle, mind you, since I always find it a bit difficult with the smart-casual protocol. I've always heard it's better to overdress than not, so here's my final decision:

The Jacket is one of my favourite parts of the outfit.
Oversized and made out of pailletes... a little glamour to the otherwise simple outfit.

Since I desperately wanted to wear my new necklace,
I decided to go all black with the rest, and with a pretty informal Cotton T-shirt and skirt.

Here's the star of the outfit...

Pretty spectacular, uh?

And off I go now!!

Jacket: Rinascimento, Italy
Necklace: Fahoma
Skirt: Charro
T-Shirt: J. Crew NY
Tulip Earrings: Tous


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