jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

Frivolités & Presents

So... today was one of those GOOD days... in many ways than one, it seemed as though the planets had decided to align for me, and give me a glorious day.

First was the weather. Did you see what a wonderful day we had in Madrid?? the sun, the temperature... and I was able to enjoy it pretty much with a long walk from Moncloa, through my university and the streets on it's back that I've missed so much, and along the Gran Vía, a fantastic street in Madrid that's 100 years this very week. Thanks to P. for getting me to Moncloa so quickly from the office. I wouldn't have had the opportunity of such a nice walk without it.

Then was the fun... everybody seemed to be in good spirits today. I had fun in the meeting at work, I had fun with my colleagues all day long... it was fantastic. And it gives me SO much energy! Colleagues at work say my spirits come from having AB choco for breakfast everyday (that works within the night for you to feel better in the mornings), but that's just not it. It's the Masters, the crazy thing I bought for myself (more information in later posts), the weather, the new responsabilities... it just gives me the need to laugh and enjoy. Some friends named below say it's a wonderful virtue... I have to say I do agree, even though it mught give me some trouble sometimes,

For some reason today was the winning prizes day too. First was an TMX look from Glamour Magazine, then there was a prize from a new blog I'm following, Doublecloth. Couldn't be happier because I didn't expect neither of them. How cool is that. You can see picture of the former below and of the latter here.

It was also awesome because I got the chance to share a laugh with A. Passed through his office and offered to entertain him with my frivolities a little bit. I was glad to find he enjoyed it. We talked for a while, and discussed our plans to conquer the worl or, otherwise in my case, take over, I don't know, maybe loewe or LVMH? time will tell.
I also had a very good time with my dog at the park... he's so much fun to watch, having so much fun with his friends... it was a nice day, as I said.

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