miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

Nespresso & Shopping, what else?

Went on a trip to Nespresso today. Since I came to work half an hour before my usual time (thanks to lovely last minute requests), that gave me the perfect excuse to go equally early… and the opportunity to get there before super-busy time, so as to be able to make the questions I needed.

See… I love shopping at Nespresso. The ambiance, the attitude, the look… I love everything about the sop because it gives you a 360º coffee experience. The fact that they treat you like you’re worth a million does help too. This time, apart from the usual classics (Roma & Ristretto for Dad, Capriccio for me), and my recently acquired and special autumn edition caprice (Singatoba… way delicious), I had to look for a couple other things:
  • Substitution for the craves to come when Singatoba is no longer available, given that it is a limited edition an all (don’t know what I’m gonna do without it’s lovely intense blue capsules..)
  • A similar yet longer version of Capriccio, lungo blend.

Ended up with the usuals, plus Singatoba, plus the new one to try: Vivalto Lungo (A complex yet balanced marriage between South American Arabicas cultivated at high altitude, such as “Cerrado” from Brazil, and an East African Arabica. With floral notes), which I’ll try tomorrow.

Given that it was still early and all, I crossed the street to H&M just to check (for the hundredth time), that the furry brown vest I wanted was available in the correct size. I’ve been looking for it forever, and have only found it in size 46… so when I came across 42, I nearly fainted of happiness. I think that’s what really got me to buy another grey-preppy-woolen vest, and not shopping lust, really. Some minutes and meters later, heading home, I had an intuition, though. I decided to enter the other H&M in the area. Result? Got the furry vest in size 38… the correct one.

Sheer luck, sheer happiness… lovely afternoon.

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