viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009


Had to give a speech today for the fellow insiders. No one from the Club was really available (or willing, if they were), so I had to give the speech about our Club. Something really basic, “please, enroll” kind of thing. No biggie. Not that I was bothered, or anything. I kind of love these things. I had been planning to find some time during the week to write something, but I ended up talking with no prep. Surprisingly enough, everybody loved it (a couple of over enthusiastic mothers even told me the speech sounded very natural… if they only knew it actually was).

The strange thing about the whole afternoon, though, was the fact that one of the teachers that usually participates in the Programs (and who went to China with me) had this HUGE obsession about the fact that I’ve had plastic surgery. HONESTLY!!! I don’t know how many times did I have to tell her it was just the fringe and the fact that I have lost about 12 Kilos since the last time she’d seen me… she even asked for confirmation about her theory! Thank God A. reassured her that, even though I looked very pretty and better than ever, it was really just the fringe, and probably my new look (he’s always the gentleman). So… there.

I have to say, I’m starting to actually believe that I look way better than ever. It’s not like I’m acting vain, or anything, it’s just a matter of experience. In the very same week 2 people from work that don’t usually see me said so, then these people from Uni, a couple of neighbors…. Cool, huh?

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