domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Oh my Chucking God!!!

I just have to comment it (even though I had to watch the episode nearly a week late - one get’s busy once in a while-): Seeing Chuck act a little gay in Gossip’s “Enough about Eve” epi was just beyond awesome. I suppose I could say it got me a little hot and bothered, even. I mean… he looked smashing advancing through the bar approaching his “victim”, and even better when he was playing difficult to kiss.

I love the fact that he has become such a good boyfriend without losing his personal self. That thing he said about Blair’s dream was hilarious and cute, but then we have those details that make him so Chuck. Talk about character evolution.

So yeah, as they said in the podcast, “enough about everyone but Chuck”. He would definitely be #1 on my Scavengers List (and #2, and #3 and… on and on. Mr Chuck… I demand satisfaction!!!!)

Oh, and Blair? you’re totally screwing up. Seriously…

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