sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009


Went with Sad Eyes to the Annie Liebovitz exhibition today. It was pretty complete, both with personal and proffesional work of the photographer. Those who don't know her, she's the one that featured Demi Moore pregnant and naked on Vanity Fair. Does it ring a bell now?

That's what I thought.

Right ow she's in a bit of a finantial problem... apparently she gave out her rights on her pictures to cover her debts... or somthing like that. Hell of a problem since she's been featured EVERYWHERE, specially in VF and Vogue, and I suppose that creates a bit of a controversy.


Overall, I liked the exhibition. But I with no doubt prefered her proffesional pictures rather than the personal ones. Seeing her lesbian lover dying of cancer in a hospital, or dead on a table kind of killed the mood for me... no wonder she didn't like to take personal pictures.

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