miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

Hot & Cold

Jeez… it’s being a long week so far.

Apparently, meteo is not willing to cooperate with us, poor souls, who have to work during august in Madrid. I mean… we all know it gets hot. VERY hot. But not like this!!! Yesterday night was the worst: 32ºC by 2 AM. Not even a flicker of wind… horrible, I can tell you. During the afternoons, the thermometer doesn’t hit anything under 40. So yeah… we’re basically sticking to the chairs when we are out having drinks, or melting otherwise. Cool.

The worst part is, at work it is a totally different situation. Seems like we can’t get an intermediate temperature, and we’re kind of freezing there. Honestly… it’s being hard. For 2 weeks now I’ve had to wear jackets to work, and I have totally resigned to wearing skirts or open shoes. The two days I’ve tried, I’ve ended up covered by the blanket we will be giving in autumn. .. hard stuff, I’m telling you.

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Anónimo dijo...

Hola Inesuka...
soy Nano, gracias por el mensaje del dia de mi cumple!!
Tienes un blog genial, muy autentico!!!

Un beso muy fuerte a todos y a ver cuando nos vemos!!

Agnes dijo...

Muchas de nadas Nano!!!

Me alegro de que esto te guste... sigue viniendo y te mantendré al día!!

Reparte besos para todos de mi parte!!