domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

8 things I won’t be missing about London…

  1. Closing hours. For God Sake… why close so early?? We know you Brits measure different, drive different, pay different and all that stuff, but don’t you think it could be wise to open your shops/attractions/museums/etc just a wee bit later than 7PM?… that way, we wouldn’t just hop on to a consumist drive a minute after 7 when, like shopping-driven Cindirellas, we all end up in Top Shop, just because it open until 9.
  2. The timetables. Sorry, been there, done that… can’t seem to be able to adjust to your eating hours. 12:30 meal? 19:30 dinner? No way… no wonder Fridays alter 5, you only see people drinking in the bars… already drunk. I’ve been thinking, and I don’t seem to recall a time in which that happened in Spain. We’ve got our cañas, o’course… and the drinking too (well known is the botellón all over Europe) and then again, not in the same way. Seems like you lot drink different too, go figure.
  3. The lack of air conditioning awareness. Especially in the tube: Come on!!! melting on a train? So totally not cool.
  4. The confusion when about to cross a street. After 2 weeks, I still couldn’t get it right on where to look: left? Right? Mustn’t be the only one confused, since they had to get it written down on the floor for everyone to see… after a while my motto was: where would you look if you were in Spain? Right, then it’s the other way you want to look.
  5. Shared toilets on residences. Honestly, even when the toilets are absolutely clean (like mine, thank God), it is still horrible to contemplate the idea. Especially when there are just 3 toilets to share for a whole floor of the place. Just imagine: Its 4am and you need to go to the toilet. You need to get up, make sure you’re somewhat presentable –you never know who’s going to be walking around- open the door, make sure you don’t forget the key to your room, go to the toilet (if you’re lucky as I was, it will just be the door nearly in front of your room), and just pray… PRAY that there’s no one around, and the toilets are empty. All this time, the corridor is completely and strongly lit, so is the toilet, which results in you completely awaken by the time you make your way back to your room. I won’t talk about what shared showers mean… I just won’t.
  6. English coffee. There’s a reason these guys are addicted to tea… so, here’s a tip: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you insist on getting your way, and drinking coffee, then prepare yourself to pay £2.90 for a decent one in Starbucks. Not joking…
  7. Public transport prices… I still can’t face my banking bill this month without cringing with the numbers dedicated to by Oyster card… blimey!
  8. The absurd coin-size matter. What's with the misshaped coins... they don't follow any size order whatsoever!!! So totally confusing... Sometimes I looked like a granny when we changed to the Euro, all coins in one hand showing the cashier what I got.

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