domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

You don't have to be a "Valley Girl" to have fun...

Hello there, my gossipers

You thought with the end of the season Gossip Girl was over? Think again, my darlings. Nothing furthest from reality.

Spotted on a centric apartment in Madrid, A & A having the fun of their lives between the glam of the flashes. Some people just need to be Runway projects for a while. So, smile!

But wait a sec… Are those shutter glasses? And… shoulder pads?? Seems like these two have made a run for the 80’s. God bless them.

Couple of hours later, spotted at the Medicine party @ Chester, our Double A with a couple more crashers. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, and these two, sure are. Careful with those shutters girls, they're somthing to pay for!

Was that all? I doubt it. Go on, give me the deets… I’m so dying to know all about that 'Old school' party.

You know you love me, XoXo
Gossip Girl