lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

So totally 80's

So, talk about perfect timing...

Next weekend I have a costume party. Thematic costume party, that is. We have to dress like something “old school”, which means that we can basically dress however we want: 50’s, hippie, disco, gangster… whatever.

Anyway, about a couple of weeks ago, and given that the awful 80’s dress-code is back (infamous shoulder pads included), I bought an awesome black disestructured smoking jacket made of sequins. Totally awesome in and 80's-are-back-but-modernized kind of way. As I said, it is black, and kind of short, with slim sleeves and some shoulder pads (big enough to be 80’s, and small enough for me to like). I’m telling you… NICE.

Good thing is, I discovered it resembles (it’s one of Amancio’s better copies) a Balmain one. Balmain!! My luck.

Better thing is, it appeared in Gossip Girl (as shown on the picture below) worn by the always chic (but not necessarily my favourite) Serena Van derWoodsen.

So yeah… I’ve got it… I’m a coolhunter!!!

Better yet, because combined as in GG, I have the perfect outfit for my party: skinny black jeans with flats, t-shirt, big hair and eyes, and yes, my Chinese shutter glasses. So totally 80’s!!

I’m quite convinced about it… Gossip Girl’s last chapter, Valley Girls, gave me some pretty good ideas too.

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