domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Revenge, sweet revenge

Monday morning, after more than 6 months of utter silence, I received an e-mail that got me all hot and bothered, and not precisely in that way… all you dirty minds!!!
Well… To be completely honest, it wasn’t an e-mail, but a collective invitation, since it seems like I’m no good for personal e-mails anymore… go figure.

Well, as my lovely Blair Waldorf would say, “Revenge is best served cold”, and oh, was I in for some action! Only seconds after I had read the invitation, bearing that I was free for the night of the party, a plan began to form in my mind. Nothing serious, mind you… just a little something to spice up my days and, while I was on it, teach some lessons. Cause really, I’m sick & tired of being the good one, and, certainly, always being there for people when there’s no reciprocity. At all.

This is no longer a forgive-and-forget issue, and so… the revenge. One look at the invites list and that little sentence at the end was all I needed. +1… that is a dangerous concept, isn’t it?
Only thing is, I did nothing at the end. There’s a say ins Spain “no hay mejor desprecio que no hacer aprecio” that got into my mind during all afternoon of the day of the party. Went to take some pictures with my BFF, and decided it wasn’t worth it. It proved to be the best decision because a personal thing got in the way to…

And here I thought I was a little like Miss Waldorf... wouldn't I have enjoyed being that side of here for a while.

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