lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

Feelings, we sometimes don't know what to do with them

Recently heard somewhere that “no feeling is bad if you know what to do with it”, and I have to say, I couldn’t agree more. Feelings are precisely what make us humans, and we shouldn’t have to avoid them just because is socially recommendable.

Truth is, sometimes they prove to be a little conflictious, and they tend to intrude in our lives in such a way, that sometimes we wished they would just go away.

But… let’s be sincere here. Feelings are precisely that, feelings, and you can’t usually control them just because you want to. At least in my case. I’m one of those persons who feel intensely, no matter what: love, sadness, fury… I just can’t help them. But the truth is, too, that I know how to deal with them, which is not always easy. Take, for example, those times when all you want to do is cry, cry as hard as you might, until all your sadness is drowned in your tears, but you just can’t, either because it’s not the place, or it’s no the moment. On those times, I have a little voice in my head to tell me: Agnes, take a grip. Breathe, ok? Just hold yourself together. Take just a few seconds… 1, 2, 3. Now, go. And that’s pretty much it. I swallow my pride, my feelings, and let them go as soon as I’m alone. Sometimes you just need to do the same with happiness… and I don’t know if it’s even more difficult that the latter. You know, those moments when all you want to do is scream to the world what a wonderful peace of news you just received? In the end a huge smile just leaps out…

Feelings… those naughty boys.

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