martes, 19 de diciembre de 2006

My stocking...

As you have seen, I've hunged my stocking on my blog for you all, my nice friends and readers, to fill with wonderful presents, not necesarily material.

So go on, don't be shy and fill it. I will appreciate it.
See a suggestion, beeing tuesday, House MD night today...

I need to congratulate Sad Eyes, not because she has achieved to contact my law teacher (still lost in combact), but because she has her new car already. Careful pedestrians...

As I told you, my Law teacher is nowhere to be seen. But don’t worry, I won’t allow him to hide for too long. I have organized a complete party of friends and people I know to find him and tell him what’s going on. On the meantime, I will hope for him to read his email.
Although I’m certain he will not.

Half of my Distribution class gone and I’m beyond angry…. Teacher’s been trying to ignore me, only he can’t. I’m sorry… I know my lines and I won’t allow him to completly ignore my doubts or contributions… cause I have both.

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