lunes, 28 de agosto de 2006

Interview and a bit of shopping... I couldn't help it

That's the problem of living in Madrid and near the c/ Goya… that you simply CAN’T avoid going in all those nice shops: Mango, Zara, H&M, Trucco… even when you have no money at all. That’s what I did today, anyway, after my job interview: enter in every single shop on my way up to catch the bus. As a result, my bank account is nearly dead, but I have a couple of new accessories for this fall-winter season. And what a season!! My goodness, I could buy half the items in the shops these days, and for once in a loooong time, my wardrobe is more useful than ever, and seems like I could be “inn” without much trouble…


What did I buy? A lovely 19th century look-alike necklace, a barrette (un pasador de pelo, para aquellos que no lo sepan), and a hair band, cause now that my hair is quite long again, I have no intention in cutting it.

More things… because the intention of my trip outside today was a job interview, I suppose it is fair that I talk about it too, and not only babble about my lovely shopping, which I can understand, could bore to death to some people. Well, it when really nice, but I won’t now nothing until tomorrow or the next day, when they will call be. On the meantime, I can tell you that the job isn’t as bad as I thought, but they’re going to make me work like dwarf. It’s both for Global Marketing and International Negotiation, which is cool, and quite interesting too. It was funny to learn that my boss has the book with which I studied in Copenhagen and that she and the other guy in the company are both the authors of one of this year subjects on my other degree.

The world is quite tiny, don’t you think?

I’m quite happy about another thing too. My brother is actually READING!! For those who don’t know, I have to explain: my brother doesn’t read anything, not even anything’s instructions… which is a pity, I dare say. That’s why the other day, when he said he wanted a book, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it the one second I set a foot on the street, so that’s the reason I bought him the book today. You see… its crap. It’s called “EL MÉTODO: AL DESCUBIERTO LA SOCIEDAD SECRETA DE LOS MAESTROS DE LA SEDUCCIÓN”( The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists) which such a title, what can you expect? As said on the book itself, it supposed to be a guide to take a woman to your bed… amazing. For what I’ve heard, my brother doesn’t need it at all, but…

Literature lovers, such as myself, would kill me, for sure, for such an ignominy. But what can I say??

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