viernes, 28 de julio de 2006

Bailando... me paso el día bailando...

Good afternoon (nigh for my fellow danes)!

HOw are you all? Hope as well as I am, though definitely tired too. Reason? I stayed late yesterday night, reeeeally late for what I'm used to here in Kopenhavn.

The reason is simple, when you're having fun, that makes it, time passes without noticing, damn fast, i dare say. Yesterday we had club night at Emma as a goodbye to our classes, and it was awesome!

But tales should be told in order, and that's precisely what I intend to do. Yesterday's was my last clase with Dave and the always wonderful, superentertaining (for those of you who haven't notice, it's sarcastic) International Marketing class, more American than international, as Berret correctly said yesterday. We didn't have a nice, non occupied class, though. It was terribly hot (more than ever) and time pased as quickly as a tortoise with no hurry, that is pretty slow. Thank goodness I had my laptop. All in all, Dave thought that 3 hours of his toruture were'nt cruel enough and had us in class until 17:15, which was, believe me, terribly awful.

After that, quick return to Holger, early dinner (19:30...) and enough time for a quick shower and some "decorations". That is, dressing up, elaborate make up and hair straightning... as a result, I looked quite good... "really cute" was the expression everybody used. My hair, though, was the thing that most impact caused. Used as they are to see me with my wild curls, my winter-like straight hair made such an impression.

Running late (as always when concerning a gripu of people) we arrived at Kongen Nyrtov to meet Janice and enter the club...

It was wonderful, very classy, in and fashion, just like a loft, with sofas and cussions all over and a very nice decoration in general. Terribly hot aswell. Terribly. Aweful. At some point during the night I was so sweaty (well, so was the rest of the club) that I thiugh I would melt. I keep wondering why os it with danes and A/C... come on!!! it's useful!!! They were fans, that's true, but were'nt enough at all. But worth it all in all. I had such a good time!!! everybody was there (which made the place quite crowded), dressed to impress (and what an impression some people did) but it was fantastic.

I had an astonishingly wonderful strawberry smoothy (astonishingly expensive too) and a lot of dancing, mainly with Berret, who was a surprisingly good dancer. I can't recall for how we were dancing but, I can tell you, by the time we stopped my legs felt like jelly. I have collected quite an amount of surprising pictures from both of us, most of them too, how should I say it?, whateva!! to publish here, I'm afraid. Estábamos bailando de forma un tanto caliente, debería ñadir. Not that I care, anyway, cause it was awesome... but anyway, those pictures are to be kept safe, jajajajajajajaj.

I returned at 2:20 am but lingered in the yard for anothe couple of hours, whic meant that I returned to bed passed 4am... this resulted in me waking up at 12 this morning, thinking it was 10!!

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