jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Welcome to marcjacobs.com

Yesterday, while cleaning my last emails before heading to bed, I came around the newsletter from http://www.marcjacobs.com/. I know... I confess, I'm an addict. What can I do if I love the guy? (not as much as Mr. Ford... but anyways).

The thing is, they were announcing the launch of his new mens cologne, and since they were giving up stuff with any puchase, I just had to take a look in case I found the cool flower ring I just have to have.

Biggest surprise was, I was welcomed with this wonderful piece of art:

So, since I found this striped guy funny, I decided I just HAD to come in...

As you can see, I wasn't disappointed at all, not only the striped jumper guy was right about coming in, but I found it was in fact, a real online store, with sales assistants!!

So I decided to take a look around at the perfums... after all, it was because of them that I came to this page in the first place...

Encouraged by the nice people I encountered, I decided to take the elevator up, and visit the other shops...

... like Little Marc Jacobs (which was awesome by itself)...

...Or the younger version of the brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs, which had a very cool sales assistant (if not a very nice decoration, mind you, compared to the rest of the store)

So I though to myself "this is a very nice way to put up an online store". Simply because it's funny, original, and quite cool. It's easy to use too, since once you decide over some item, you can navigate through the shopping area as you would in other more traditional one. Don't know about payments, security or anything else since I didn't buy anything... but at least I surfed out with a smile on my face.

[All pictures have been taken from http://www.marcjacobs.com/ with no comercial purposes]

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pattya dijo...


Te he dado un premio! Puedes pasarte por mi blog a recogerlo




Inés Cruz dijo...

Muchísimas gracias guapa, es mi primer premio... qué ilu!

Un beso

Martina dijo...

¿Y fuiste capaz de estar navegando por todas esas secciones y no comprar nada? Vaya fuerza de voluntad!