lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

5 senses Monday 55: It's a fashionable world out there

It was Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week this weekend... and so, I couldn't wait for Friday to come and let the fashion begin. I've had a pretty rough week, specially the last 2 days, but came Thursday, and with it, a couple of very, very interesting and fashionable plans ahead, and everything looked fine again!

Want to know how? Off we go now, then!

A fashion show… LIFE. Couldn’t have been happier when I got the tickets at work, really made my day, even though the designer is not one of my favourites (I chose it because it was both interesting and matched my schedule for the day, about which you’ll hear in the next paragraphs), the opportunity was just sweet. I was going to go all taltalktalk about it, but since my friend Marta already published a very nice post on her blog about it, why bother? I’ll leave you a little extract here, to get you all mouthwatering, but if you want to read more you’ll have to go there and see.

Totally ecstatic about my styling opportunity thanks to Hola Magazine. I’m preparing a post about it (I want to get my hands on the “official” pictures first), so don’t worry about the details just yet. What I will give you is a little advance…

Nina, our model for the day

I didn't talk about it last week, so I will this one: the perfum mix up at the History of Perfume class during our trip to Paris. It was absolutely interesting, pretty surprising to, and a wee bit too intense. You can believe me when I say that the mixture between Poison, Cacharel, Obsession, Miss Dior, Shalimar and a couple more got my head spinning… and not precisely in a good way.

"Need you now" by Rachel and Puck on Glee... these two look so hot together, and day by day I'm more convinced of the fact that Puck is THE man. He sings way better than overly annoying Finn... 

A Heineken at the Heineken Bar at Cibeles Fashion Week. It was just SO hot in there... we couldn't help it. Just the same way I couldn't hel sharing this video with you... because Jon is just SO awesome (and if you get the chance to see him 3 rows away he gets even more impressive)

Quería dar las gracias a Pattya el haberme concedido el premio "Stylish Blogger Award" que conste que no lo he puesto antes porque con lo de París no había encontrado un ratito... ¡me ha hecho mucha ilu, muchas gracias!

2 comentarios :

Martina dijo...

Que suerte, tu en Cibeles y yo de niñera de mi abuela. Que le vamos a hacer...
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, Puck es mil veces mejor que Finn!
Por cierto, ya nos contarás con mas detalle lo de "Hola"!

Un beso!

Inés Cruz dijo...

No será porque no lo intentamos... tuve un trapicheo de entradas importante.

Lo de Hola, no panic, habrá post y guay (espero) a ver si se deciden a colgar las fotos en la página que están muy incompletas todavía.