martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Canciones de final de una década

Post inspired by/Un post inspirado por David Linares

After reading David's post, I turned to my Itunes and classified my music from the most listened songs to the least. Not amazingly, Glee songs from all seasons were most of the Top 25, so in order to be a little bit original, I'll just mention my favourite ones from that list, and continue introducing songs from other artists in order of appereance.

Another thing I've realised, is the increasing tempo of the music featured in this post. I bet if I've done this post some years ago, it would have been a lot more sadder, or slower.
  1. Defying Gravity - Glee
  2. Jump - Glee
  3. King of anything - Sara Bareilles
  4. Let it rain - Sara Bareilles
  5. Poker face - Glee
  6. Telephone - Lady Gaga
  7. Dancing on my own - Robyn
  8. I want you to want me - Aly Michalka
  9. Good girls go Bad - Leighton Meester
  10. Crash and Burn girl - Robyn
  11. Where did your heart go missing - Rooney
  12. Just do it - Copacabana Club
  13. I want to hold your hand - Glee
  14. Get over me - Guillemots
  15. Hang with me - Robyn
  16. Waka Waka - Shakira
  17. Closer to the edge - 30 seconds to Mars
  18. Always the sun - The Stranglers
  19. Everlasting Love - Jamie Cullum
  20. Hey Soul sister - 
  21. It's cold outside - Glee
  22. Somebody to love - Leighton Meester
  23. Fille Atomique - Nous non plus
  24. Girl on the Verge - Sarah Hudson
  25. Single Ladies - Beyoncé

4 comentarios :

Martina dijo...

Confieso que comparto muchas de tus canciones del top 25...Si es que Glee da mucho juego. Y si encima las amigas te graban CDs, pues para que quieres mas, a compartir listas de éxitos, jejeje


Inés Cruz dijo...

¿Sabes lo peor? que voy escuchando el ipod, y venga a repetir canciones, algunas han subido al top 25 sin comerlo ni beberlo... y la mayoría vuelven a ser de Glee! no tengo remedio

pattya dijo...

Me encanta la música!! Comparto tus gustos!!
Gracias preciosa


Inés Cruz dijo...

Gracias Pattya!
¿Por qué no nos compartes alguna de tus favoritas?

Un beso!