martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Today I'm wearing... Lacy flowers

Considering my MBA limits considerably my time to go shopping, and that since I missed the bus on saturday I had half an hour to go, you can imagine what I ended up doing...
Precisely. Shopping.

I went into H&M and kind of went into a shopping spree of romantic-lacy-and-flowery attires. And here's the result... 

I like the fact that the skirt looks somewhat like a tulip
(even if it's not the best geometry for my figure)

T-shirt+skirt: H&M a/w 2010
Ankle boots: Hakei 2009
Scarf: Hakei 2009

Hairband: Oysho a/w 2010

It's a piece I found yesterday in a glimpse at the store, and I have to admit I loved it the second I laid eyes on it. It has a vintage air, with the colour and the studs, that made it perfect.

Detail of one of the old fashion newspaper pages I have at my room. They're awesome, and I'm always trying to find some more, which is pretty damn difficult.

Just a small detail of the textures and colour pallette: nude, grey, camouflage green and black. Serious yet romantic.

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