lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010



You, me, dancing” on my way to work.
It always lifts my spirits. Paired with a Gin&Tonic is one of the best songs you can listen to while you get ready for a night out (even though it wasn't the case... my social life is a total full these days).


Santi’s tacos on my nephew’s birthday meal. To be completely honest, their place is the only one I dare ask for tacos. They’re so nice… and the lemon cake wasn’t bad either (for once I was glad Caroline didn’t like what I was eating; otherwise I would have ended up with none).


My nephews (aged 2, 7 and 9), playing and laughing with Indi, then running away from him too.

Caroline (2), searching in my handbag for my make up bag, then applying herself my Nars lipstick, then putting it away like nothing was wrong in the world. I won’t tell you how fun it was to see her aply some very dark eye shadow as blusher…


Feeling the tension on Wednesday at 11pm when realizing it wasn’t Tuesday evening, but Wednesday, and that I was a couple of cases behind on my MBA’s weekly schedule.


The citric soap I’ve been using these past days and that I took from the NH hotel I went in Seville last week. It really smells delicious, and clean!

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