viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Madrid's Vogue Fashion Night Out

Yesterday was one of those nights I've been waiting like mad: Fashion Night Out!

Even though Marta wasn't here this year (I promise I missed you, girl), I managed to find myself with a very entertaining and fun group of girls... K's girls. We laughed SO much. We drank SO many mojitos... it was an awesome night.

We met at 8pm at one of my favourite shops (since I arrived a wee bit later, I helped myself to one of the goody bags they were selling in favour of Aldeas Infantiles), Yube (and Benny Room too, her twin store) in Las Salesas area willing to have a taste of their masqueradeparty and feed up with the gorgeous ambiance this area always has. We weren't deceived. As always, it was an awesome choice, and it wasn't until 2 hours later (and 6 mojitos later too, I may add) that we  resumed our way in the chance to take a look at Serrano and Ortega y Gasset.

Since this year I managed to get myself not only one, but three golden passports for the night, we decided to get one of the Audis spread along the way to have a change of area and get ourselves to Serrano. Whereas the other car managed to get the chofer's phone number (for me, that is, I have such wonderful friends that look up for my non existent love life), the other one, in which I was (in a very mojito drunken state, I may add), had to guide the guy to Serrano, resulting in us three jumping out of the car in the first corner we thought near enough. We had so many laughs about it...

Once in Serrano we had to navigate through the street among hundreds of fashionistas and all kinds of people gathering around and in the shops. We made an attempt to enter a few, but it was just plain impossible, although Martina managed to get herself pictured with one of those Yeti-style coats by a very (very, very) young fashionista photographer. We marvelled at the alive mannequin in Massimo Duty, wished for some arielita look alike drinks, and alughed our heads off when encountering a group of Pronovias Brides in the middle of the street.

And with that, getting lost too many times to get count on (and having our blackberries ereupting from the many messages exchanged in orther to find eachother) is how 11pm found us (finally) arriving to Ortega y Gasset. To say it was mayhem (in a good way) would be too short, since the street was packed extraordinarely. Fashionistas everywhere, design dresses, shoes and handbags, music, drinks... it was awesome!!! people from all ages and conditions where celebrating such a wonderful night out...

That's when all of the girls, after having a look around and using our passports to enter the tent for a while started leaving. To be completely honest, some of us where up from 6am, and even though the ambiance and the night were being just perfect, tiredness was starting to have it's way.

Dolce & Gabanna

Nevertheless, I decided to make a little escapade of my own to try and have look at El Corte Inglés of Serrano in the Chanel stand. Jackpot! I managed to get myself a bottle of the ver new (and just presented at the FNO) Khakis collection nail polish, khaki rose to be precise. I was told it was the last, so imagine the blast when I found out! The perfect end for an awesome night!

Leave you all with a video from enjoy!


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Sick by Trend dijo...

Fué una gran noche la verdad :) muy buen post!!! Te seguimos!!!

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Agnes dijo...

Muchas gracias! me alegro que os haya gustado. Sed bienvenidos y pasaro sy comentad siempre que queráis por aquí. Me pasaré también por el vuestro!

Un beso