lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

5 Senses Monday XXXI Late 20's and a bit of Kobe

My 27th birthday was on Saturday and I can’t help but say it wasn’t what I expected. It’s getting extremely difficult to manage everybody to assist to any kind of celebration and, on the other hand, I must confess my heart is not really in it anyway. Work is being hell lately and it doesn’t seem to be on the way of getting better anytime soon.
Anyway…. Here I go.

My new fur à la ruse hat from Uterqüe. Love at first sight. I’m just wishing for snow and cold weather now…

Kobe meat at t.a.r.t.a.n for my birthday dinner. Or should I say the whole menu? Everything was delicious!
And that special “two temperature chocolate dessert with peta zetas”? OMG. Simple gorgeous, spectacular… mmmmm

A working tv at my room again. The old one dated from 10 years ago when I had my 1st communion, and after the analogical blackout form last year, I couldn’t see a thing on it. So, considering it can read DVDs and USB keys… you may understand my enthusiasm.
An invitation to the Cibelino Space at Madrid Fashion Week. I couldn’t be happier.
Leo, after more than 3 months without meeting with her. It felt good…

Dust. That’s what happens when you lift a tower of fashion magazines that have been resting on their pile for months. It get’s deep in your nose and you can’t stop sneezing for what seems forever.

Sarah Bareilles new CD Kaleidoscope Heart. I'll let you know what I think og it, but so far, the single "King of anything" is already my blackberry's tone.

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