lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

5 Senses Monday XXXV

I know... it's a short one. But considering I have been working from 7am to more than 7pm each day, I guess you'll just have to deal with me this week this way. I'm in Seville, by the way... not enjoying my time like I should but visiting some more clients. It'll be Cordoba tomorrow. I intend on drinking some rebujito today and forget everything about the week, since apparently it has gone well in our first meeting.

So here we go now!

A touch of Égoiste platinum in a crowded airport. For once it doesn’t make me think of YOU strictly, but of how much I had always wished to bite that lower lip of yours after a kiss.

The clock tick, the hours pass. It has been a 12’5 hr/day work week, and by Thursday, I wasn’t sure I could take it anymore.

My MBA’s Directress introduction speech for our course about to begin. She looked so anxious, and I think I speak for every single one of us when I say we could feel the nervousness in the air, the perception that this lady was the fashion granny we always wanted.
All the stories of the different people present at the MBA. It’s amazing how so very different people can share, not only a passion for fashion, but the willingness to take steps to be a part of this world.

The huge folder containing all the stuff for my first classes at the MBA. Again, it’s HUGE.

A sweet every night before going to sleep, in an attempt to end my days in a better way that they started: with an intense nagging in the back of my head that there won’t be enough hours of the day to achieve everything I want.

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