lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

5 senses Monday XXXIV Barcelona, Barcelona...

The titles of the True Blood books in Spanish. Pathetic... and grusome. How come we are so good when translating films and SO BAD when titles are considered? Keeps me wondering...

"Todos juntos y muertos" aka "Alltogether dead"? honestly...

An e-mail, at last, from my MBA with the confirmation that classes start on the 24th, and the programme for the first weekend... can't wait!

A bar at Barcelona called "Piscolabis" a word I usually use and that has some of my friends laughing their heads off... whatever!

The reception of the hotel, full of papers in Chinese with different indications of what to do in Barcelona, tourism like. Totally awesome and funny!

(specially the illustrations, which were just hilarious...)

By brownberry (ups, sorry, blackberry) beeping non stop during my trip to Barcelona. Sorry people, but being in a car, or in a supermarket doesn't really help attending matters... all in all, it's a good thing I won't be having tons of mails waiting to be read whenever I'm out.

People laughing, shouting and closing doors at the wee hours of the morning at my hotel in Barcelona. Looks like the Strip Club 100 metres aways had something to do with it...

Bread and tomato, butifarra, and a fantastic codfish with honey. Ummmm

A cigarette paper plane ticket. Honestly... I do understand the whole "Let's not kill trees thing" but wouldn't it be more efficient to just let you pass with your ID card?

As always when visiting Barcelona, the sweets I get to buy at Happy Pills. This time, besides my friend and boss, I brought some for A. and Marta. For him I got a girl (sort of, anyway) and for her I got a vamp, since she's the one who showed me into the fantastic world of True Blood.

I know, I have that kind of sense of humour

Heavy mens cologne on a plane... sick, and wrong

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