lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

5 senses Monday XXVIII

Perseids shower on San Lorenzo’s night. Beautiful… so many wishes launched to space!

Cuttlefish Croquettes. All black and nasty looking, but delicious.

Danone’s greek yoghurt plus peach. A lovely refreshing dinner for long lazy summer nights.

Miguelito’s cologne… smells GOOOOOD.

From A. who’s in Africa and his cool stories from the place. I feel a wee bit envious.

My godfather,yet again, having a argueing with my brother. Can't he let him alone?


Friday, August 13th. Does it make me a really bad person to already regret my dad and bro are back? They’ve been here for… what? 12 hours? And they’ve already got on my nerves.

SO damn hot!!!

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