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... Dior Haute Couture

Because, with some little exceptions, it was the only Haute Couture show that looked like Haute Cauture... if that makes any sense.

This year, I don't know if it was because of the crisis, the mood, the weather or what, most designers just didn't make it. I found that, in general, there wasn't any drama, very little colour... very little show, which is what I think Haute Couture is all about.

But Dior...

Galliano, that crazy bitch, imagined a garden of beautiful flowers... full of colour, of volume, of textures. It was simply delightful to see...

I like the contrasts in this picture: the deep purple, the intense blue, with the striking orange... the coats just looks cozy.

This look is just so simple and too much all in one. I love the skirt, love how it sways... ans all that mixture of colour is simply fabulous. I could totally wear this (if my thighs weren't as they are, ha)

This one is just so wearable... I love the skirt's pale colour. And the mix with the shoes? puuurrrfect.
The black dress is very pretty too. Probably one of the most sober outfits in the collection. And yet, the skirt manages to stand out.

Here come the reds. So powerful! Both jacket's could look fabulous with a LBD. Wouldn't they?

Love this purple and white dress. Very nice and wearable. Plumb colour always fits well! and what can I say about the blue jacket? so delicate and cozy and awesome.

I like the black and blue llok, specially the bow detail. Not so much the pink and orange dress... very nice to look at, but I guess it looks pretty stiff to me. Then again, we're speaking of HC.

Working girl in the morning, glamazone at night. Two awesomly simple yet sophisticated looks.

Sky blue ballerina (so delicate ans strong, thanks to the bodice) and coctail look with a hint of colour. Love it.

Two flowers in movement! Don't they look like orchids?

Yhis is one of my favourite looks. The sway of the skirt, the delicay of the pinks coming out of the black and heavier fabric of the skirt... simply awesome.

This is another of my favourites too. Love the colour, and enjoy the contrast of the deeper green. The shoes are plain gorgeous too.

Gorgeous mix, isn't it? the striking blue, the lime bow, the purple bodice and the orange shoes. So many colours and so strong by separate... and somehow they manage to match. Brilliant.


Princesses of fire and ice. Spectacular.

Cotton candy flowers. I simply love the first dress. The contrast of both purples and crimsoms just kill me.

And the artist. 

[images courtesy of style.com]

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Me encanta!!!Gracias por compartirlo :)

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De nada Martinita! a ver si me lo curro y puedo subir algunas más de otros diseñadores :)