lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

5 senses monday XXVI

Honestly, I really don’t have an excuse for my lack of publishing these past 2 weeks (both here and on twitter) but the truth is, I’ve had tons to work and a couple of trips that had made it a bit difficult. Anyway I have to admit in my defense that I’ve also tried not to leave this 5 senses appointment no matter what, so… let’s go.


The sea at Marbella… the flowers at our home there… it was really wonderful to be able to go, if only for a weekend, to breathe some peaceful air and get a tiny mouthful of force to survive the last week at work before my 3 week vacation. Deadline: 5 days from now, and counting!

Myself turn the last page of the last True Blood book so far. Yes… I’m counting the short stories book too, in case you were wondering, which makes 10 books in barely a month an a half. I was truly engaged by the stories… and, well, Eric too…

3 of the many Decenarios I intend to buy on the next few days. They really look chic and fabulous all together! so summer!


To the sea, from my bed. Awesome, right?

Thanks to Marta: “Hey, soul sister” from Train, which has automatically gone to my “summer kind of wonderful” playlist on Itunes… a list I made out of songs that are purposed to lift your spirit. Perfect


As always, feeling is kind of my 3rd sense, no matter how much I try to “touch”.

This time, it was feeling absolutely at home with Marta, at Biotza on Wednesday. God, I miss my freaks! Like she said, I kind of need to see them regularly, since we’re able to turn our worlds upside down for a while, and not give a damn about anything leaving our mouths, such trust we have in each other.


Pine trees on an enormous forest we passed on our way to Marbella trough a new route. Wonderful, yes. Fresh, of course… but just try not to run out of gasoline in the area, since that part of the way is just… far from anything and in lack of traffic.

Wonderful tapas at Biotza in the best of companies:

     - LUIS AMADOR : mini tartar de solomillo con foie
     - MARÍA : Mini huevos rotos con foie y patatas paja

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