martes, 20 de julio de 2010

5 senses Tuesday XXV

Normally this would have been a 5 senses Monday, but since by the time I usually write it I was on a train coming back from Gijón, it was slightly difficult to achieve core.

Anyway, here we go!


Those wonderful country and seaside spots in Asturias… so green the country, so abrupt the sea shore. So very different from the south or centre of Spain… you are travelling by train and one moment you’re in the steppe, and the next one, coming from a tunnel, it just looks like you’re in a totally different planet all green and vegetation dense. Amazing.

Those little and colourful beach tents in Asturias. Picture them black and white and suddenly you're in the 1950's.

A wonderful top hat lamp. So original and awesome, I'm thinking of making one for me!


To the sea. Is there anything better or more relaxing in the world? I bet you not. I guess this is going to be appearing on 5 senses Mondays for a while now. Beach time approaching! (I’m counting the days, seriously)

That crazy little boy on the train on our way to Gijón. Totally bizarre… he was just plain crazy! He kept talking so densely… he looked like a grown up hidden in a 9 year-old body. I’m telling you, crazy.

Bimba Bose’s The Cabriolets in a mini concert on the Sony Store in Madrid. Bimba Bosé is so cool and nice too... and she was so androginous-looking that day! I loved her shoes. Thanks to Fashionisima for the invitation! It was a double pleasure because I got to meet some of the bloggers I follow! Thanks again to @Doublecloth for my present; even though I earned it on her blog, it’s always nice to receive a present.


The wind blowing strong at the “Elogio al Horizonte” from Chillida, in Gijón. It is so envigorating… I nearly flew away, though, but it was totally worth it. I was wearing this jacket, it looked like I could extend my wings and fly!


The sea… the salty wind… I love it.


A strawberry soufflé at the Nautical Club in Gijón. Mmmmm… delicious!
All those artisanal pastries… both sweet and salty.


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