lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

5 senses Monday XXIV


My boss, pretty emotional after seeing what a farewell party we had organized for him. It was pretty touching.

This awesome Burberry look-alike trench from Zara with those crazy puff sleeves, on sales and my size. I don’t have to say it took me about 5 seconds to decide whether I was taking it home or not.


This crazy way of outdoors FIAT advertising near el Callejón de Jorge Juan. I found it cute, lovely and brilliant, since it didn't disturb the overall look of the street, which is pretty classic.

A wonderful sunrise on my way to the airport on Friday.


Lady Gaga’s “You and I” acoustic version. Lovely, and intimate, and awesome.
The rain pour strongly against the taxi’s window on my way home from the airport. It just went with my mood, and I thought it deeply relaxing.


Exhausted after my trip on Friday. Specially after the hour delay of the plane… my eyes just felt like they were going to pop out dry out of my sockets.


Fideua… mmmm.
The rain upon my exit of the airport in Madrid after a long long day. Refreshing


A wonderful ox hamburger, rare and with an exotic yet tasteful sauce… delicious.

An equally wonderful vanilla ice cream bomb in the restaurant hired for the east area meeting. Yummy.


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