sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Today I'm wearing + Toros... y olé

Welll... this can really be considered as a vintage dress, since I've owned it for more or less ten years now (yes, I don't know myself how it still fits). It's a flowery little dress, in a very fresh cotton fabric, perfect for really warm afternoons such as this.

I paired it up with some colourful accesories: a coral strech belt, as well as a nice little heart shaped bag with kind of a bow structure, to give it some colour, and some dandy feeling with the borsalino. I think it looked pretty nice for an afternoon of bull-fighting.

Dress: Can't really remember the store
Belt & handbag: Mango 2009 at 2010 respectively
Hat: Blanco

What do you think?

As always, and since I have I little fan club of my bullfighting pictures, I'd like to share some with you, as well as do some comments about them. Hope you enjoy them.

Miguel Abellan in his entrance before the bullfight

Mexican Arturo Macías' jacket: Gold &dark blue.
Notice how the sun shines against theembroidery

Juan Bautista

Arturo Macías in a picture I love, 
because you can see how the capote is rolled up agains his body,
just as if like they were dancing


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Doublecloth dijo...

Qué mona!!!

Un beso y feliz fin de semana

Agnes dijo...

Muchas gracias! buen finde para ti también