miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

The muscle-bound dilema...

I’ve come to realize that muscle-bound people like to be pompous about their bodies. Very much. They conceal them in tight and bright flimsy t-shirts, or about to explode shirts, walk pretty straight and with a crazy looking way of moving their legs (like there was something interesting down there)… you know the deal.

I’ve also noticed that they tend to carry with themselves fruits juices (1 litre bottles, usually) or milk, from which they drink making quite of a show of. Energetic bars, or crazy coloured whatever-ade (i.e. powerade), are also their most preferable companions. It’s just as they wanted to say “Hey buddy –‘cause they always need to use the “buddy” part – this body’s hot, and you can’t help stare at me… so here I am”. Which is absolutely hilarious, because most of the times, they look quite tiny because of their weigh training, and not precisely cute… trainers+sport clothes are not usually a turn on, right?


They also exude quite a lot of corporal heat, which is plain disgusting. Specially on overcrowded underground wagons at certain hours of the day, when apart from the heat, you have to put up with the smell.

Oh boy! And the bags!!! They always carry around those long and ugly gym bags that they can’t seem to place anywhere but on your feet, or carry around hitting anyone on a 1m diameter.

So you see… I kind of hate muscle-bound people…

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Anónimo dijo...

Totally agree!!!and the worst is that they try all the time to convince you to become one of them.
They are just show offs!
Thinking of someone in special?

Agnes dijo...

well, not really, it's just that I saw 3 on my way to work, and inpiration got triggered!!!

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