lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

5 senses Monday XXIII

Black earth in Gran Canaria, in between the cactus and special plants from the area.
My name paired with a nice comment on R’s farewell e-mail. So many similar e-mails lately… so sad.

Both Iria and Stephi simply not believing I'm turning 27. So hilarious (and somewhat irritating)... I even had to show them both my ID card.

I'm a valuable person, and good to have around both personaly and work-related, from my Hero and heroine and friend. Coming from them, it just means a tad more than from anybody else... I'm sorry.

Seems like I can’t just get this sense right… ends up being a “feeling” entrance just about always.

Feeling pretty angry at some particular assistant. If you’re not intended on doing something, then don’t offer yourself for it. It creates both a huge lot of angriness around, and deceiving. Just saying.

Humidity in the passage between the underground and the Corte Inglés in Goya. So strong, so… oppressive.

Fresh fruit at the Gourmet section in El Corte Inglés. It’s just so surprising and welcome. So fresh, so rich. Very nice.


Papas arrugás. Typical Canarian potatoes. Yummy.

Lovely chocolate palm trees (what can these be called in English otherwise? I wonder...) from Campo Real. You might guess the only good thing coming from this area where olives, but you're so totally wrong. They're simply delicious!!!

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