lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

5 senses Monday XXII


Spain winning it second match (after losing the first) on the worldcup. Arriba Villa! Arriba España!!!

Another True Blood book go, and I wouldn’t give the third any longer than tonight…

The Vampire Diaries season finale. Team Damon. Always (you two Jer and Stephan, you should be ashamed of yourselves… SISSYS!!) Honestly, who needs a shiny vampire when you've got this?

I know.


Alejandro, from Lady Gaga. NO WORDS.

And all the 80’s songs that can just make me go from the saddest person in the party, to the absolute dancing queen. So what? I’ve grown up with them thanks to my cousins… I can sing them all my heart.


Like dancing like mad, sad, and everything all at once at the other day’s party. So much happening in such little time.

My muscles work effortlessly at the Power Plate on my gym. Awesome! I’d pick this way of exercising anytime.


Just made cereal at the Kellogg’s factory. SO COOL! Let me try and get the pictures from another colleague that went with me, because it’s so totally worth it!


And again with the cereal: Trèsor caramel choc. Any ideas when this is coming to Spain? just let me know 

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